About Wounded Duc
Wounded Duc was started in 2001.  Racing bikes means stripping all the bodywork, street gear,
etc., off and boxing it up in storage.  I decided it was easier to sell the street parts at the
beginning of the season, then part out the racebike at the end of the year.  I sold parts through
the various Ducati internet sites, to fellow racers, and through word-of-mouth.  I created my first
Wounded Duc website in 2002.

Wounded Duc is now an LLC incorporated in the state of Ohio.  It's still just a part-time business
that I work hard to squeeze in between my real job, family, racing, etc.  I'm just a guy who races,
rides, and loves Ducatis, and started a small part-time Internet business that helps defray some
of the racing expenses.  It's not a big company with plush offices, multiple employees, and a
hefty ad budget.  However, that also means that you're not paying for any of that!

I now part 6 to 8 bikes a year.  I don't buy crashed bikes, auction bikes, or salvage title bikes.  I
hold the title to all of the bikes, and I will, upon request, supply the VIN of the bike from which the
parts you purchased came.  If you're rebuilding a salvage bike, many states now require that
documentation.  You should demand it either way.  Not to get off on a lecture about stolen bikes,
but if your seller can't or won't provide that information, why do you think that is?  He just
"happened" to buy a load of Ducati parts at such a bargain price that he can turn around and
resell them at a profit?  Hmmmmmm . . .  Remember, bikes are stolen because there is a ready
market for the used parts.  If you buy parts without knowing their background, you're
contributing to the problem!  Okay, off the soapbox.

My goal is to sell high-quality used Ducati parts at a fair price.  I want you to be happy with your
purchase and to tell your friends about Wounded Duc!  Read what some of our customers have
to say