Racing is expensive.  Unless you're independently wealthy, it's tough to put together a race program
without some help from outside sponsors.

Looking at some sticker-covered racebikes, you'd think they were getting NASCAR-level support, swimming
in free parts and goodies.  The reality is, many of those stickers are there because the company offers a
small price break or because they pay a contingency.  Often, the racer runs the stickers to qualify for a
contingency program and doesn't even use the product.

I don't play that game.  I associate with companies who I believe in . . . period.  By forming these type of
long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships, I've been able to continue racing motorcycles for over a

I stand behind the companies listed below.  I use, believe in, and endorse their products and services
100%.  If you race, participate in trackdays, or just ride a sportbike, check 'em out.

Cycle Tech - Just a small, rural Ohio shop that happens to owned and run by three-time  AMA
Pro Drag Race National Champion Rick McWaters.  They've sponsored me since 1998, and I couldn't do it
without their help.  They know their stuff -- check 'em out.

HordPower Racing - Owned by my buddy and ex-racer J.D Hord.  J.D. is one of the most
naturally gifted tuners I know.  There are lot's of "mechanics" out there, but a good tuner is hard to find.  
J.D. builds all my Ducati motors, and people send him Ducati, RC 51, SV 650, and Honda Hawk motors and
bikes from all over the country.  He's always booked and has a low tolerance for B.S., but if you're looking
for a perfectionist who cares as much about your project as you do, J.D. is your man.

Bridgestone - I've raced on other tires, but I keep coming back to Bridgestone.  Their tires have
great feel, predictable traction, and they last.  You've seen what they're doing in Moto GP, and that
technology trickles down to their race tires here in the U.S.

Hinds Motorsports -  Hinds has helped me out for years.  They carry Aprilia, Kawasaki, Suzuki,
Yamaha, Triumph, Enfield, Extreme, and Polaris.  Owner Jeff Hinds is a fellow AHRMA racer and Vintage
Superbike National Champ.