Nice Raxx
Paddock Stand Racks
Are you tired of tripping over bike stands?  Do you hate opening the trailer door only to discover
the damage that untethered stands caused?  Or, are you like me, where you get nearly everything
neatly packed up, then wonder where you're going to squeeze those awkward bike stands in?  
Finally, a way to neatly, safely, and efficiently transport your bike stands!  

Nice Raxx stand racks are quality made right here in the USA by a fellow motorcycle racer and
enthusiast who was fed up with the problems of transporting race stands.  After extensive field
testing of various designs, the final design was approved for production.  Nice Raxx is one of
those rare products where you open the box and are immediately impressed with the fit, finish,
craftsmanship, and simplicity of the product.

Nice Raxx are compatible with virtually all brands of tubular stands.  Sure, you could rig some
sort of stand holders up with hardware store hooks and bungee cords.  But you have a lot of
money invested in your Ducati -- why risk damaging your motorcycle, not to mention dealing with
the hassles and inconvenience.  Trust me, once you try a Nice Raxx, you'll wonder how you got
along without it!

Nice Raxx stand racks can be installed on any flat surface -- trailer wall, trailer floor, garage wall --
in less than 10 minutes with a screwdriver.  Each rack comes with complete, easy-to-understand
Nice Raxx paddock stand racks - $39.95 plus $7.50 shipping in the continental U.S.

Best Deal!  Two Nice Raxx (one for your front and one for your rear stand) - $79.95 with free shipping!
How do you fit a Ducati 749R, 80cc pit
scooter, tool chest, cabinet, tire rack, 3000
watt generator, Coats tire machine, two EZ
Ups, a table, two sets of leathers, spares
boxes, gas cans, and miscellaneous other
stuff in a 6 x 12 trailer?  It helps to get those
space-stealing paddock stands off the floor
and mounted securely on the wall with Nice
Front and rear Pitbull stands securely
mounted on the wall and out of the way with
Nice Raxx.  Four Nice Raxx were used, so
when two racebikes are hauled all four
stands are up and out of the way.