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2001 Monster S4
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Rear Brake Caliper Hanger - $30
Rear brake caliper hanger in very good condition.
Engine Mounting Bolts - $15
OEM engine mounting bolts.
Front Fender Mounts - $10
OEM front fender mount.
Swingarm Chain Buffer - $10
OEM chain buffer for aluminum S4 swingarm.
Horns and Bracket - $15
OEM horns and bracket.
Front Brake Rotor Bolts - $10
OEM front brake rotor bolts for both rotors.
Rear Brake Rotor Bolts - $5
OEM rear brake rotor bolts.
Countershaft Cover - $10
OEM countershaft cover.
Air Density Sender - $15
OEM fuel injection air density sender.
Fuel Tank Latch - $20
OEM fuel tank latch.
Fuel Tank Hinge, Rubber Block - $10
Complete fuel tank hinge assembly including hardware.
Fuel Tank Inlet - $10
Fuel tank inlet.  New price is $175.
Oil Breather Tank - $10
Complete assembly including hoses.
Crankcase Breather - $10
OEM crankcase breather.
Front Caliper Bolts - $5
OEM front brake caliper mounting bolts.
Seat Latch Assembly - $15
Seat latch assembly, including cable and mounting bolts.
Fast Idle Cable - $10
Fuel injection fast idle cable.
Radiator Deflector - $10
Black aluminum piece that mounts to the underside of the lower triple clamp.  
Includes hardware.
Inner Rear Fender - $10
Black plastic inner rear fender.
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