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2001 Monster S4

This 2001 Monster S4 injested a valve, but everything else is mint.  Click on the thumbnails below
for a larger view.  
Frame - $1,250
Clean, clear title frame from a 2001 S4.  Never crashed, absolutely
no damage.
Aluminum Swingarm - $400
Aluminum swingarm from a 2001 S4.  Excellent condition.  Includes
pivot bolt, rear axle, and axle blocks.  Ready to bolt on.
Carbon Fiber Belt Covers - $350
OEM carbon fiber belt covers in excellent condition -- no fading,
yellowing, etc.  Retail is over $460.
Carbon Fiber Front Fender - $150
OEM carbon fiber front fender in excellent condition -- no fading,
yellowing, scratches, chips, etc.  Includes speedo cable loop.  New
price is $265.
Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger - $175
OEM Carbon fiber hear hugger/chain guard in excellent condition --
no fading, yellowing, scratches, chips, etc.  Includes three
mounting bolts.  A new unit is $250.
Carbon Fiber Exhaust Heat Guards - $90
OEM carbon fiber exhaust heat guards.  Excellent condition -- no
fading, yellowing, scratches, chips, etc.  Includes mounting bolts.  
Replacement cost is $130.
Headlight Assembly and Mounts - $300
Complete headlight assembly, headlight mounting frame, mounting
tabs, hardware.  Everything you need to mount a headlight on your
Monster. New parts well over $600.
Exhaust Headers - $100
OEM exhaust headers.  Very good condition.  Includes hardware.
Kickstand - $100
Complete OEM kickstand assembly, including microswitch and
mounting hardware.
Left Bar Switchgear - $75
OEM left side bar switchgear.  Replacement cost is over $150.
Right Bar Switchgear - $50
OEM right side switchgear.  Replacement cost is over $100.
Rear Suspension Rod - $100
Adjustable rear suspension rod in very good condition.  New
replacement runs over $400.
Rear Shock - $100
OEM Sachs rear shock.  Fully adjustable.  Excellent condition.
Gauge Cluster, 5.9 ECU, Ignition Cylinder, Gas Tank Lock, Seat Lock - $750
If you need to replace one, you need to replace them all if you want everything to work
as the factory intended.  Comes with red key, two black keys, and key card.
Brembo "Snowflake" Floating Rotors - $250
These are the rotors that are fitted to Superbikes, etc.  Aluminum carrier, stainless
rotors.  Great upgrade for the old round-hole "swiss cheese" rotors.  Replacement
cost is over $750.
Front Brake Lines - $50
OEM stainless braided front brake lines.  Great upgrade for any dual-disc Monster.
Rear Brake Caliper - $50
OEM Brembo rear brake caliper in excellent condition.  New replacement is $125.
Rear Brake Mastercylinder - $40
OEM Brembo rear brake mastercylinder in excellent condition.
Rear Brake Line - $25
OEM stainless braided rear brake line.
Left Rearset Assembly - $125
Complete left rearset assembly, including pegs, shift lever, linkage,
and mounting hardware.  Excellent condition, although the shift
linkage rod has some wrench marks on it.  New replacement over $300.
Throttle Bodies - $200
Complete throttle body assembly, including linkage and hoses.
Wiring Harness - $150
Complete wiring harness, including fuses, relays, etc.  Excellent condition.

More Monster Parts
Rear Tail/Beer Tray - $15
OEM rear tail ("Beer Tray").  Very good condition.
Sidepanels - $40/pair
OEM sidepanels in very good condition.  Priced less than half of retail.
Radiator Hoses, Thermostat, Housing - $50
OEM radiator hoses, thermostat housing, thermostat, clamps.  Excellent condition.  
The thermostat housing alone is over $165 new.
Rear Brake Rotor - $50
OEM rear brake rotor.  Very good condition.
Airbox - $50
OEM airbox with modified top.  Includes everything pictured.
K&N Air Filter - $20
K&N airfilter for OEM airbox.
Regulator - $75
OEM regulator.  Very good condition.  New cost is over $170.
Speedo Drive - $60
OEM speedometer drive.  Very good condition.
Coils & Plug Wires - $100
OEM plug wires with integral coils in the caps.  New price over $400.
Rear Suspension Rocker Arm - $25
OEM rear suspension rocker arm.  Very good condition.  New price is
over $200.
Rear Sprocket Carrier - $40
OEM rear sprocket carrier with sprocket studs and nuts.  New price
Clutch Slave Cylinder - $40
OEM clutch slave cylinder.  Very good condition.  Replacement cost is over $110.
Radiator Fan, Left - $50
OEM left-side radiator fan in very good condition.  Retail is $300.
Radiator Fan, Right - $50
OEM right-side radiator fan in very good condition.  Retail is $300.
Radiator Expansion Tank - $35
OEM radiator expansion tank.  New price is over $70.
Front Axle - $40
OEM front axle in very good condition.  Replacement cost is over $80.
Throttle Cable - $10
OEM throttle cable in very good condition.
Battery Box - $30
OEM battery box assembly in very good condition.  Includes everything you see here.