Cycle Tech - Just a small, rural Ohio shop that happens to owned and run by 2004 AMA Pro Drag Race National
Champion Rick McWaters.  They've also sponsored me since 1998.  They know their stuff -- check 'em out.

HordPower Racing - Owned by my buddy and ex-racer J.D Hord.  J.D. is one of the most naturally gifted
tuners I know.  There are lot's of "mechanics" out there, but a good tuner is hard to find.  J.D. builds all my Ducati
motors, and people send him Ducati, RC 51, SV 650, and Honda Hawk motors and bikes from all over the country.  He's
always booked and has a low tolerance for B.S., but if you're looking for a perfectionist who cares as much about your
project as you do, J.D. is your man.

Cycle Cat - I use their frame sliders and bar sliders on all my racebikes.  A very cool operation run by cool folks
turning out some very tasty Ducati bits.  Check out their rearsets, bars, and clutch covers.

Hinds Motorsports -  The local Ducati dealer that helps me out.  They also carry Aprilia, Kawasaki, Suzuki,
Yamaha, Triumph, Enfield, Extreme, and Polaris.  Owner Jeff Hinds is a fellow AHRMA racer and Vintage Superbike
National Champ.

Section 8 Superbikes - A Ducati dealer in the Detroit area that has been a big help with race bits.  Jason
and crew all race Ducatis and are a great source for race parts and information.

AHRMA - I've raced with AHRMA since 1996 and really enjoy it.  They don't always do a good job of promoting the
fact that they offer "modern alternative" roadracing (singles, twins, and triples) in addition to vintage racing, which is a
shame, because they're a fun organization to race with.  They're also the only amateur roadracing organization that
holds a true National Championship series at tracks all over the country (versus the others who award their
championships based on a one-race shootout).

AHRMA BBS - A bulletin board set up to discuss all aspects of AHRMA racing.  Sponsored by Wounded