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Ducati Performance Steering Damper Kit -
Like new Ducati Performance steering damper kit.  Over
$400 retail.  Fits all 748/916/996/998 and 749/999.
Superbike Rearsets - $100
OEM rearsets from a 2001 996.  Includes shift lever, shift linkage, and heel
guards.  Very good condition.  Fits all 748/916/996/998.
Supersport Left Rearsets - $75
OEM left rearset from a 1995 900 SS.  Includes shift lever and shift linkage.  
Excellent condition.  Fits all 91-98 750/900SS.
Superbike Clip Ons - $100
OEM clip-on bars from a 1999 996.  Very good condition.  
Fits all 748/916/996/998.
Superbike Right Clip On - $50
OEM right clip-on from a 2001 996.  Very good condition.  
Fits all 748/916/996/998.
BCM 749/999 Rearsets - $200
Billet aluminum rearsets, designed and manufactured by Bruce Meyers at BCM.  
Can be used wtih stock shift lever/linkage or reverse lever, as well as stock
brake pedal.  Eccentric pegs can be rotated for up/down and fore/aft
Superbike Carbon Fiber Heel Guards - $25
Carbon fiber heel guards for OEM Ducati Superbike
rearsets.  Replaces the stock OEM aluminum guards.  
Excellent condition, nice gloss. Includes OEM mounting
bolts.  Fits all 748/916/996/998.
Superbike Rearsets - $75
OEM rearsets from a 2001 748.  Includes shift lever, shift linkage, but no heel
guards.  Very good condition.  
Interesting bronze color;  seems to be anodized
rather than painted.
Fits all 748/916/996/998.