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Ducati Performance Steering Damper Kit -
Like new Ducati Performance steering damper kit.  Over
$400 retail.  Fits all 748/916/996/998 and 749/999.
Superbike Rearsets - $100
OEM rearsets from a 2001 996.  Includes shift lever, shift
linkage, and heel guards.  Very good condition.  Fits all
Supersport Left Rearsets - $75
OEM left rearset from a 1995 900 SS.  Includes shift lever and shift linkage.  
Excellent condition.  Fits all 91-98 750/900SS.
Superbike Clip Ons - $100
OEM clip-on bars from a 1999 996.  Very good condition.  
Fits all 748/916/996/998.
Superbike Right Clip On - $50
OEM right clip-on from a 2001 996.  Very good condition.  
Fits all 748/916/996/998.
BCM 749/999 Rearsets - $200
Billet aluminum rearsets, designed and manufactured by Bruce Meyers at BCM.  
Can be used wtih stock shift lever/linkage or reverse lever, as well as stock
brake pedal.  Eccentric pegs can be rotated for up/down and fore/aft
Superbike Billet Rearsets - $225
Ducati Performance Superbike billet rearsets.  Excellent condition.  Includes
shifter and linkage, plus carbon heel guard on the right side (left side has no
guard due to the larger carbon guard most run on the intermediate pipes).  Fits
all 748/916/996/998.