2009 AHRMA Road America
Jordan Reid, Marcus, Bill, and
Steve Massey peel off their
warmers and get ready for the
start of Sound of Singles
Two-Strokes on Sunday.   My
injured Ducati sits forelornly in the
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Marcus Matthews in the Carousel
during Sunday morning practice.
Bill Doran in the Carousel during
Sunday morning practice.
The start of Sunday's race outside
Turn 5.  Jordan is already halfway
up the hill in front of a twins rider,
who is followed by Steve
Thompson, Bill, Marcus, and Steve
Massey.  Note the crystal blue
skies which just seem to be part of
racing at Road America.
Bill and Jordan on the warm-up lap.
Steve and Marcus on the warm-up
Jordan in Turn 5.
Bill leads Thompson in Turn 5.
Marcus looks up the inside of an
SV650 in Turn 5.
Steve powers up the hill towards
Turn 6.
Jordan hunts down an SV650,
while the SV rider thinks, "what is
that annoying buzzing sound?  Is
there a bee in my helmet?"
A lap or two later, the SV rider
found out that buzzing sound
wasn't an angry wasp but an angry
RS125.  You can see how hard the
SV rider, who was in second place
in Battle of Twins F3, was riding to
keep up with Jodan.
Bill in Turn 5.
Steve looks for a way around an
SV650 rider, while Marcus looks
for a way around Steve.