2009 AHRMA Medina, Ohio, Post-Vintage
That's me (L98) shortly after the gate dropped for the start of the Historic 500 class.  
I'm riding Loren Wescott's super-nice 1977 Suzuki RM370 (thanks Loren!)  I haven't
raced motocross in 25 years, and rarely get an opportunity to ride off-road, so to say I
was rusty would be an understatement.  Still, I finished third in Moto 1 and second in
Moto 2, so I can't complain.
Hey, at least I'm ahead of a couple of guys.  For now, at least . . .
Note the sign pointing out what I clearly need more of . . .
Slipping on my old-school Jofa shoulder pads.  Trust me, that and my boots were the
only pieces of my riding gear that still fit 25 years later.
Ready to roll . . .
Hey, why is my hand shaking . . . ?